RSM’s Best: Your favorite posts of the week

Duke Bardwell in the 60s

One week ago today, we launched Real Southern Men with a bang. Until attentions shifted to deadly storms sweeping through the South yesterday, we had good traffic all week. Just in case you missed something, we’ve compiled a rundown of our most popular stories of the last seven days. Here’s what we learned about you, our loyal RSM readers: 1. You like the creative types Apparently, Real Southern Men and women like to embrace their inner Picasso, because stories on the arts dominated the week. First, our interview with RSM contributor and artist Pat Snow, then our profile of that musical force of nature known as Duke Bardwell. If you haven’t checked out these stories (or experienced the work of these gentlemen), you’re missing out. 2. You’re a sentimental bunch RSM Jerrod Brown’s reflections on the nature of home, “My Place,” struck a chord with many of you. If you haven’t read it, check it out now. If you have, read it again, and think about your own special place that will always be a part of you.

Refresco, indeed.

3. You love a good Co-Cola Two of the most read posts this week were RSM Wayne Franklin’s reflections on the importance of Coke to the culture of the South, “When a Coke was a Coke…” and our Twanglish Lesson about the beverage. 4. You have a sense of schadenfreude You know, that German mouthful that means you derive a sick pleasure from others’ misfortunes or humiliation. First, you laughed RSM Kris Wheeler’s secret past as a “Dixie Dandy.” Then you laughed at RSM Lee Meadows’ struggles with heat and humidity in “Stupefied, Not Stupid” and his hapless gardening in “Azaleas Don’t Like Roundup.” Finally, you laughed at RSM Wayne Franklin’s legendary battles as “The Lawnmower Fighter.” Moving forward, we’ll tailor our content just to suit your tastes. Our first story will be that of an artist-turned gardener who gets hit in the crotch with a 2-liter Coke on his family farm. That’ll bring ’em by the millions!

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