G’ Rides – Castillo de San Marcos

RSM contributor George Heubach loves nothing more than to saddle up his Harley and join his riding crew for tours around the Southeast. You can be sure he’ll always have his trusty camera along to capture the moment. Then we’ll put some of them up here for you all to enjoy. Occasionally, he’ll also bring his experience as an architectural draftsman to bear in his comments.

Here is a selection of  George’s pics from a ride to St. Augustine’s historic Castillo de San Marcos:

A lone palm grows atop an old gun placement

We rode across the ornate Bridge of Lions from old St. Augustine to the Castillo. You can see the bridge undergoing repair work in the background of this photo:

The Castillo with the Bridge of Lions in the background

On one of the corners, you can see where the structure was breaking apart and settling. It appeared that some extensive underpinning and masonry repair had gone into restoring that corner of the fort.

Notice the masonry work in the foreground corner

The Castillo is the oldest masonry fort in the United States and, on a day like the one we visited, is well worth the trip.

Blue Florida skies above the Castillos turret

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