Twanglish Lesson: Show Your Butt

We’ve all done it at some point, probably when we were kids or under the influence of an adult beverage. Or maybe we were just having a bad day. Some people, though, make a lifestyle of showing their butts. Heck, reality TV should be called “show your butt” TV. No, we’re not talking about physically revealing your plump-and-fleshies. Today, we’re getting all metaphorical on you.

Show Your (One’s) Butt: –idiom 1. display rude or obnoxious behavior 2. throw a temper tantrum 3. act foolishly, typically in a public manner 4. cause a scene:

You just had to get drunk and show your butt in front of your boss from the Walmarts and everybody, di’ntcha?

2 Responses to “Twanglish Lesson: Show Your Butt”

  1. Reality TV could be called “show your butt” TV for both metaphorical and literal reasons.

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