Real Southern Men: “We’re not porn!”

Things are changing quickly here at Real Southern Men. We launched on Saturday, changed our look a day later, and now another change. You may notice that the URL or web address in the bar overhead now reads “” We’re not changing the purpose or mission of the site. We’re not changing the name. We simply had to change our primary domain to deal with a problem we never foresaw: porn.

Specifically, our “real” domain, was sending up red flags on content filters all over the net. Apparently, we now live in a world where one can’t be “real” and a “man” without being flagged as porn. Ridiculous.

We can tell you this much: if the internet were run by real Southern men, this wouldn’t be a problem. But the continued pornification of American society is further proof that RSMs aren’t as much in charge as we would like. Oh well, that just gives more meaning to the mission.

So how do you reach the site now with the new URL? The same way you always did: by clicking on links at Facebook, Twitter, other blogs or wherever they may show up.  You can even enter and still get here.

Please let us know if you have any more issues reaching the site.  Because in a world where being a real man is verboten, this site is more important than ever.

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