Civil War’s 150th anniversary is big business

These aren't the Rebels you're looking for.

I’m not a costume kind of guy. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and have been for 34 years. I’d love to go to a Star Wars convention (or Celebration) but don’t expect to see me in stormtrooper armor. I’m a geek about a number of sci-fi/fantasy franchises, but you’ll likely never see me dressed as an orc, elf, Browncoat, Viper pilot or Cylon. (If given a chance to wear a DHARMA jumpsuit, however, well…all I can say is, “Namaste and good luck.”)

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article delved into the business side of this year’s hottest costume genre: Civil War reenactments. With the Sesquicentennial of the war upon us, expect to see reenactments of battles large and small for the next four years. For the men who take part, they can expect to spend upward of $1,000 on the costumes alone. Throw in rifles, sidearms, powder, tents, gear, horses, saddles and other various sundries and you have yourself one very expensive hobby.

Andersonville National Historic Site

The Civil War Trust site is a great repository of information about all things relating to Sesquicentennial observances. There is a blogroll of state-centric Civil War anniversary sites.  Sadly, my home state of Alabama, ever the slacker, does not have one.

Who knows? Maybe some Imperial stormtroopers will show up at one of the reenactments…just to make things interesting.

2 Responses to “Civil War’s 150th anniversary is big business”

  1. Loving your site so far. Please promise me you’ll resist when the neo-Confederates and Lost Causers discover your site and demand you define “real southern” in their terms. It will be a chore. They’re loud and not particularly amenable to logic and reason.

    • Thanks for the kind words! We’re hopeful that they’ll just embrace the good things about the South that we celebrate and realize there are more pressing lost causes for us to champion: being a gentleman, treating everyone with respect, celebrating regional and cultural differences before they disappear.

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