Twanglish Lesson: Y’ounses


It’s not the most common of Southern pronouns, often overshadowed by it’s flashier cousin, “y’all.” In fact, this Real Southern Man hadn’t even heard of it (or had long since forgotten it) until fellow RSM Kris Wheeler brought it up. And if you’re on the beach as a teenage boy, working your magic with some lasses from north of the Mason-Dixon, it’s the phrase you least want your hillbilly cousin to blurt out.

Y’ounses -pronoun 1. Second person plural pronoun, nominative or subjective case. 2. All of you 3. A singular, second person pronoun representing a larger group or whole:

Y’ounses Yankees, ain’tcha?

Variant: y’ouns

Synonyms: y’all, you-all, all y’all

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