Twanglish Lesson: Coke

It is the soft drink of choice for Real Southern Men and Women. It is the standard by which all other soft drinks are judged. It is a generic term for an entire industry. And come game day, there’s nothing you’d rather have sharing your souvenir stadium cup with ol’ Jack.

Cokenoun 1. Coca-Cola soft drink 2. any carbonated soft drink:

What kind of Coke you want: Sprite or root beer?

adjective 1. of or pertaining to Coca-Cola 2. flavored with Coca-Cola 3. of or pertaining to any carbonated soft drink:

We got fourteen hunnerd Coke bottles at the flea market, and half of ’em was the Mountain Dews with the hillbilly on ’em.

Synonyms: Cocola, cold drank
Synonyms only used by Yankees: soft drink, soda, soda pop, sody pop, and worst of all, pop

8 Responses to “Twanglish Lesson: Coke”

  1. You for got “soda water” and “sody water”. At least that’s what we called ’em growin’ up.

  2. I remember the first time someone asked me “Do you want a pop?”

    I thought he was trying to pick a fight.

  3. Bwahahahahaha!! I’m a southerner (born and raised Bama girl) that recently relocated to the Chicago area. The coke vs. pop thing is one of my worst hangups here. I keep telling them that ‘pop’ is either (1) your daddy or (2) you’re asking to get hit. I’m trying to teach them proper speakage but so far, I’ve encountered some resistance. Dadgummit!!

  4. Oh crap, I’m in trouble…..we live in IL & are going to SC soon to visit some “family”, the kids & I say “pop”, we better start practicing now before we get laughed at!!! My husband is from MO & says “soda”, Lord help us 🙂 Love the site, stumbled on it today & I have been laughing for the last hour. God bless you, I needed a few good laughs today 🙂 (Note, God Bless You in this sense, really means God Bless You, NOT Bless your heart, lol. See, I’m learning, haha).


  1. The Only Thing Better than a Co-Cola | Real Southern Men - October 25, 2011

    […] the South, especially “real” Coke, sweetened with cane sugar. And we’ve offered a Twanglish Lesson explaining that the importance is so great that “Coke” is a generic term for all […]

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