Real Southern Men Launches Today!

We’ve been building up to this for some weeks now, and the time has finally come: the official launch of Real Southern Men. We’re hoping that today will be the beginning of something that will inform and entertain you for years to come. All the while, we’ll be helping you (or a man you love) to become a model of Southern masculinity…whatever that is.

The Dixie Dandies, circa '72

Before we can determine the kind of men we want to be, we need to take a good, long look at the men we are. Or the boys we were. And sometimes that picture includes southern mountain dancing, as in Kris Wheeler’s tale, “Confessions of a Dixie Dandy.”

Sometimes it means we have to come to grips with our insecurities. That’s what Wayne Franklin had to do in “Kelli and the Contras,” confronting his wife’s near miss with life as the mistress of a Nicaraguan Contra.

They say it’s not the heat, but the humidity that makes life unbearable in a Southern summer. Lee Meadows argues that it’s both, and it has some surprising effects on Southern men in “Stupefied, Not Stupid.”

RSM Jerrod Brown explores his "place" back in the day.

Few things define Southern men more than their love of home. That’s exactly what Jerrod Brown explores in “My Place.”

Want to know why we’re launching on a non-distinct April Saturday? Wayne has an answer.

The following posts will roll out throughout the day today, so check back often to see what’s new, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates:

To gain a little more insight into this site and our contributors, read our first-ever “RSM Roundtable.”

Kris brings us his first installment on “Under the Radar” bands, introducing us to The Honeycutters.

Is visual art more your thing? Then meet RSM’s outsider artist-in-residence in “Nine Questions with…Pat Snow.”

Refresco, indeed.

Learn why it’s okay to call every soft drink a Coke again in “When a Coke was a Coke…”

Like gardening tips? Here’s one: “Azaleas Don’t Like Roundup.”

Or take a look back into Southern history, as embodied in “The House on Literary Hill.”

In addition to these posts, check out the initial offerings from our recurring features, “A Real Southern Man is…,” the how-to feature “Be a Real Southern Man,” our mini-biographies “RSM Profiles,” a gallery of iconic images of the South known as “Southern Snapshots,” and our instruction in Southern speak, “Twanglish Lessons.”

If you like what you see, subscribe to the site in the form at the bottom of this page or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get updates on new posts.

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