DeVaughn Home

"The House on Literary Hill," built by Capt. J.E. DeVaughn.

This home — which is a mere shadow of its former self — is known locally in Montezuma, Ga., as “The House on Literary Hill,” and was built by Capt. J.E. DeVaughn in 1885. I snapped these shots on a recent drive through Central and South Georgia. To read more about Capt. DeVaughn and “The House on Literary Hill,” check out this post.

Capt. DeVaughn built this home in 1885 for his wife, Mollie.


6 Responses to “DeVaughn Home”

  1. Lovely in its genteel decrepitude.

    Given the portico and facade, I suspect if it was remodeled around the turn of the century, as 1885 is a little too early for the neoclassical details. I’ll bet it was a bit more vernacular when it was built.

    • Appreciate your comments Phil. I claim to know little about architecture (Southern or otherwise) … but as I wrote in my “Gone” post, “I’m at once haunted and irresistibly drawn …” to such homes. It’s always been that way. Thanks for putting the architecture of the DeVaughn house into a clearer context. Hope you’re enjoying the site so far!

  2. This was my great, great, great grandfather’s home. I wish someone would restore it. It is sad to see it fall to pieces. I don’t believe it was ever remodeled. His son built another beautiful house right down the street from this one.

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