Be a Real Southern Man #1

How many times have you said to yourself, “Self, I wish there were a manual for becoming a Real Southern Man”? Maybe there is one, but we honestly haven’t been looking. We’ve been too busy changing our oil, building compost bins and holding doors open for ladies. But the good news is we’re creating a virtual manual for you right here. You’re welcome.

Let’s get started with our first tip:

Say “ma’am” or “sir” to strangers, superiors and everyone older than you today.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But few things set apart a Real Southern Man more than a respectful ma’am or sir. Be warned: some people may not react well to it, especially if you live in…ahem…less genteel regions of the country. Fear not, however, because you are a missionary, an evangelist for the great Southern cause. Onward, Christian soldier!


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    […] been known to use it with those younger than us…without a hint of irony. We’ve actually covered this in a “Be a Real Southern Man,” but we feel it bears repeating: “A Real Southern […]

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