Get a sneak preview of a fresh, new take on Southern life

The clock is ticking! We’re only one week away from the launch of Real Southern Men!

Can you smell the excitement? It’s smells like sweat and adrenaline and dandelions – the sweat and adrenaline because we’ve been working feverishly to bring you some great content for launch day and beyond, the dandelions because, well, it is spring and there is yard work to be done.

Over the next few days, we’ll be counting down to the launch by bringing you some sneak previews of what you’ll find on RSM. Those sneak previews start today with a look at our series of short recurring features, Li’l Bits.

Okay, admit it: the last time someone said they wanted to show you their little bits, it was probably your crazy uncle with the penchant for flashing. Of course, no one actually called him crazy; he was “eccentric.” It’s just that sort of vagary of the Southern language we hope to capture in the Li’l Bit known as “Twanglish Lessons.”

This blog started with a tongue-in-cheek idea to answer a single question: “What is a Real Southern Man?” In the Li’l Bit we call “A Real Southern Man is…” we’ll attempt to answer that question…with your help.

Similarly, we’ll have a series of how-to tips for those trying desperately to rise to the height of Real Southern Man, entitled “Be a Real Southern Man.”

To give you some prime examples of Real Southern Men, we’ll have “RSM Profiles” – a series of short biographies of men who, in ways large and small, are forever defined by their Southerness. Or perhaps it is Southerness that is defined by them.

We hope these small peeks into what we’re cooking up for you in the virtual RSM kitchens will only whet your appetite for more. (And since we seem to have gotten lost in food metaphors, I’ll mention that Southern cooking will be a big part of what we do here.) Check back in the coming days for more previews…

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