Real Southern Men launches in two weeks! What to expect…

In two weeks, we officially launch this little experiment we’re calling Real Southern Men. What started as an idea for a personal blog by founder Wayne Franklin, following his comic exploits to transform himself into a “real Southern man,” has quickly evolved into something bigger…and bolder.  (We can use the word “evolve” since contributor Lee Meadows is an author on the subject of using civil discourse to teach evolution to Christian students. He’s smarter than the rest of us.)

What can you expect from RSM?

While our mission has evolved from “a quest to define masculinity below the Mason-Dixon” to more of a celebration of the honorable traits and traditions of the Old South while exorcising old demons to create a bold, New South.

On launch day, we’ll roll out feature articles like:

• “Confessions of a Dixie Dandy” – Kris Wheeler recalls his childhood as a member of an elite clogging troupe.

• “Kelli and the Contras” – Wayne Franklin unspools a so-bizarre-it-has-to-be-true tale about his wife’s unwitting involvement in illegal arms smuggling as a teenager.

• “Stupefied, Not Stupid” – Lee Meadows’ treatise on the need to move and talk slowly to simply survive in the Southern heat.

We’ll also debut some recurring series in the first week:

Twanglish Lessons – daily instruction in Southern slang, idioms and expressions

RSM Tips – Advice on simple steps and activities you can follow to become (or make the man in your life) become a Real Southern Man

RSM Profiles – Short bios on famous, infamous or otherwise notable Real Southern Men

• RSM Chats – Far-ranging, roundtable discussions with RSM contributors.

This blog is very much a work-in-progress, but we also hope to debut a whole new look and feel on launch day.

Please join us on Saturday, April 9 to see for yourself. And tell you friends.

You can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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