We Need Your Input: What Exactly is a Real Southern Man?

In just over three weeks, we begin our quest to determine what exactly is a real Southern man. Join us, and tell us what you think makes a real Southern man.  Is it good manners? An aristocratic air? The ability to build a family legacy? Or the ability to rebuild a transmission in the driveway?

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13 Responses to “We Need Your Input: What Exactly is a Real Southern Man?”

  1. There are a few basic, almost primal ingredients needed to produce a RSM.
    1. An irrational love of college football. Because the SEC rules. (I have a surplus of this trait.)
    2. An appreciation of NASCAR. (Actually I’m lacking this one. Go figure.)
    3. The ability to pepper one’s speech with y’all–and the knowledge of its correct spelling.
    4. A love of all fried foods, BBQ, and sweet tea.

    And that’s for starters…

  2. Thanks Brett. Good stuff. I’ve got a piece on sweet tea ready to push out after the launch.

  3. A few things that come to mind when I think of southern men
    – sweet tea
    – a Bible on the night stand
    – Andy Taylor and Barney Fife
    – seersucker suit
    – grits

    • The Andy Griffith Show is the ultimate litmus test of character, isn’t it? One of our co-horts here, Kris, tells the story of a friend who would ask prospective employees if they liked the show. The ones who said yes almost invariably were the better employees. I assume these days he doesn’t even hire the ones who say no anymore.

  4. -Pride and Love for your country (No Matter What)
    -Ability to work a Grill (Food should be edible not Charcoal after use of said Grill)
    -Knowledge of Lewis Grizzard

    That’s just for starters….

  5. Real Southern Men…

    …mow their neighbor’s lawn just to show off.

    …refuse to wear a shirt after 5 P.M. on weekdays.

    …think a duvet is one of those butt cleaning machines.

    …will brag if they shave time off the MapQuest estimated drive time regardless of the manslaughter charges they face.

    …have had at least one sex dream about bacon.

  6. Real Southern Men…

    …always fight over tools during White Elephant Christmas.

    …have tried to fart the tune to “Dixie”.

    …consider buffet restaurants a challenge.

    …have crashed a four wheeler, dirt bike, or go-cart at least once.

    …have had to contend with a bug bite on their scrotum.

  7. There is more than just one variety of “Real” Southern Men. There is the redneck version (RRSM) that is so popular on TV and in movies. There is the middle class suberban Southern man (MCSRSM). And there is the Southern Gentleman (SGRSM). There may be other varieties as well, but I have known all three of these types. There is generally some overlap within these groups. BTW – All three types know how to work a grill!
    RRSM- Loves guns, dogs, is fiercely adamant about one and only one college football team (to the point he will, at some point in his life, do something absolutely stupid in the name of defending said school, even though he has probably never stepped on campus), drives a pick up truck with a rebel flag, a gun rack and/or extra high tires, better than 50% chance he chews or dips, has at least one tattoo, loves God and country, professes to love women, but may be cruel to them, hates any racial group other than his own, drinks beer, loves country music, would not be caught dead at the ballet or theatre, loves a throw-down party, is the one they always seem to interview in any news story about the South, thinks Hooter’s is the ultimate dining experience, may be a secret homophobe, may be lax about his responsibilities, loves shooting pool…I could go on and on.
    MCSRSM – Loves guns, dogs, is fiercely adamant about one and only one college football team, probably the one playing for the college he attended, drives a pickup truck if his wife will let him, knows how to dress when someone invites him to a party and suggests “dressy casual” clothing, loves God and country, can be kind, gentle or indifferent about women – but knows his manners in regards to them, drinks either bourbon or beer, on the surface he is tolerant of racial groups other than his own – but may be a secret racist, does not think his wife should earn more than him or be promoted over him – no matter what her ability, his secret aspiration is to own a boat, can quote lines from his favorite movies, loves oldies and classic rock music, might go to the ballet or theatre if his wife/girlfriend forces him to – but may fall asleep in the middles of it, enjoys going to Hooter’s occassionally, may play pool when he happens to be in a bar or at a friend’s house, most likely meets his obligations, is comfortable with his masculinity with only occassionally needing to prove his manliness, etc.
    SGRSM – May own a gun for self-protection, loves dogs and can tolerate a cat, loves his alma mater’s football team, but is supportive of other schools, owns a pickup truck to haul stuff and another car to drive everyday (if he can afford both), knows how to dress for different occassions, loves God and country and probably served in some capacity in the military, knows his wines but drinks what he wants, not only is tolerant of other races but has at least one friend of a different race, geniunely loves women and likes to see them succeed – AND treats them well, likes going to the theatre – is iffy about the ballet, when he has to go to Hooter’s for business, worries that other men may treat his daughter(s) the same way the waitresses are treated or ogled, could take or leave pool, is masculine without needing to draw any attention to himself, would rather die than not meet his obligations, AND – my husband is a prime example of this type of RSM!

    • Correction – the RRSM – IS a homophobe, the MCSRSM MAY BE a homophobe and the SGRSM may be a homophobe, but is trying to be open-minded.

      • You’ve forgotten one very important class of RSM – The OMRSM, or Old Money Real Southern Man. He’s rich, though he’s hardly had to work for it. He is the worst of the racists, though he pretends to be tolerant for business’ and appearances’ sake. He owns more seersucker suits than should be legal. He not only owns guns, but the hunting camp as well. He drinks top-shelf bourbons and scotches, smokes a pipe or cigar and not only roots fervently for his alma mater’s football program, but rewards its players with $100-handshakes. If he’s from Mobile, he tried to grow a Jimmy Buffett mustache in his late 20s. He owns a sailboat or a cabin cruiser and wouldn’t be caught dead near a bass boat. He drives a Mercedes – or better yet, a Jag, because driving a Jag means you have another car for when it breaks down. And he’s either a raging homophobe or, quite possibly, a closeted homosexual…sometimes both.

  8. A real Southern gentleman makes you feel like you are the only one in the room when you are in the middle of 100 people.

  9. I almost forgot…famous last words of a RRSM:

    “Watch this!”

  10. Great comments so far. Glad to have the ladies involved. Keep ’em coming!

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