Real Southern Men launches April 9!

This year, April 9 marks the sesquicentennial of the decision to attack Fort Sumter – the attack that launched our nation into the Civil War. To commemorate this turning point in American history, Real Southern Men will launch its opening salvo in the war against metrosexual homogeneity. Join us as we begin the quest to recapture our regional identity and determine what exactly is a Real Southern Man.

In the meantime, read our About page for more info…

3 Responses to “Real Southern Men launches April 9!”

  1. I will be keeping an eye on y’all. You’ve been added to my reader and anticipate the updates.

    See some read books, but that’s not really me. I’d be more inclined to reading a service manual, my google reader with a very wide subscription base or a menu from some dive restaurant.

    Do I speak Southern, hick or whatever? Well I can when trying to blend into my surroundings. However the real question is, “do I think with a Southern accent?”

    So what are the qualifications? Do you have to have talent as a writer or would it be a Natural Born Southern Man?

  2. I hope you will have articles on how real (married) southern men treat their wives and mamas. I’d love to be a guest contributor on that topic, as well as SEC football!

    Look forward to the launch!

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